Friday, 21 February 2014

An introduction

I gave birth 5 weeks ago and the constant breastfeeding and lack of sleep have left me feeling really run down which I'm sure is making me more tired and it's becoming physically noticeable (via dry skin, limp hair, mouth ulcers....) I want to be the best Mum that I can be and right now that means supplying lots of healthy breast milk, luckily the feeding is going really well but I feel I need to do more to look after myself. I've found myself consistently snacking on biscuits and crap that is easy to grab and eat one handed (TrumpyPants does not like being put down), I'm seriously depriving my body of nutrition and I'm now starting to feel guilty that this will deprive the boy of all the nutrients he needs to be getting from my milk.  

Through Instagram and Pinterest I have come across a number of people who focus on healthy eating and living- lots of it gluten/dairy/meat free but packed full of nutrition. This got me thinking about what little changes I could make to my diet that I could fit in around breastfeeding. 
My main aim is to get to the point where I'm eating nutritious, unprocessed food 5 days a week- I don't want to cut out any food groups but I do want to cut down on processed food. I don't want to 'diet' or count calories or fat but I do hope that being healthier means that I will lose some weight. I came out of my pregnancy 1 stone and 4lb lighter than when I conceived simply through stopping drinking (I drank A LOT) and I have continued losing weight which I think is down to breastfeeding. I am now 2 stone lighter than I was when I got pregnant. This has really helped motivate me to start this journey- I love being able to fit back into clothes I haven't worn for ages!! 
I know I won't be able to change my eating habits overnight so I plan to take it one step at a time.

 Phase 1: eat a filling and super nutritious breakfast everyday.

My main aim with this blog is to document my journey through 'Operation Healthy Mummy' but I will also share my love of crafting, pretty things and my life in general. 

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